Message from Santa
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / Guido-Basso
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas / Make Phantoms
I Want the Beatles for Christmas / Jackie & Jill
Saint Nick Is A Wonder / Joe Hall
Kid Santa Claus / PATSY
Greedy Little Boy / Nicholas Burgess
There Is No Sanity Claus II / Jerry & The Humbugs
Is Santa Claus A Hippy? / Linda Cassady
Christmas Wish At The End of the Bar / The Vanishers
Xmas Wish from Keef (Keith Richards)
A Letter To Santa Claus / Robert Parker
Billy’s Christmas Wish / Red Sovine
Ain’t Gonna Let You See My Santa Claus / Victoria Spivey
Good Morning Blues (Live) / Jimmy Rushing w/Humphrey Lyttelton
Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’ / Lucinda Williams
Merry Christmas Mary Jane / Katie Pruitt
Black Beauty / AKIM & Teddy Vann Production Company
Christmas Rappin’ (Live NYC) / Kurtis Blow w/Grandmaster Flash
This Year’s Santa Baby / Eartha Kitt
Don’t Plan No Party This Christmas / Mel Brown & The Homewreckers
He’s the Santa I Want / BJ Snowden
Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay / James Brown
I’m Your Santa / Jeremih & Chance
Santa Claus Is Coming / Reason+Norwood+Brock+BigDre+Gulledge
What Does Christmas Mean To You / Zach Malm
Do You Believe In Santa Claus / Billy May W/Thurl Ravenscroft

Special Thanks to
Nik Carter, Matthew Ianni, Lori Majewski & Michael Pagnotta + Christopher Trick
@ everyone at SiriusXM Volume FEEDBACK

Oscar Smit & Guuz Hoogaerts (Christmas A Go Go), Jim Goodwin (Xmas underground), Matthew Kiernan (Santapalooza), Gareth Jones (A Very Cherry Xmas), Robert Voogt (Christmas 45s) + Rick Weston (Groovin’ Records / Shawnee, OK)

Bill Adler, Al Aitchison, Daniel Aloi, John Arsenault, Gene “Bean” Baxter, Dennis Burke, Andy Cirzan, Brad Clark, Bob Cronin, Kevin Deery, DX Ferris, Don Fields, Otis Fodder, Dennis Flannigan, Patrick Foster, Jonathan Fowler, Jeff Fox, Dan Gutierrez, Andy Gyurisin, Lee Hartsfeld, Ernie Haynes, Aaron Henton, Bill Huot, Martin Johns (aka Stubby), Tim Kendel, Rob Leickner, Jim Lenahan, Zach Malm, Rob Martinez, Brad Ross-MacLeod, Bob Ostwald, Tim Perlich, Mike & Cindy Quinn, Stephen Salcedo, Tim Sewell, Tom Sladek, Jon Solomon, John Soss, Greg P. Steele, Cameron Swanagon, Dale Wiese, Michael Wilkins, Joanna Wilson, John Waters + many other Xmas Music Loverz

And, Very Special Thanks, as always, to Elaine who not only makes it all look so damn pretty, but who has continued to inspire & support my passions & obsessions since 2002 !

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